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We are in it to win it! Let's work together to bring healing in your life, for your children, in your relationship, and for your family! We approach our work with an attitude of hope and acceptance; and from a holistic, attachment focused, strategic, and trauma informed framework. Akiah (Founder, Owner, Supervisor) has over 15 years of experience as a therapist working with families, couples, individuals, and children.

We believe that treatment should be affordable to everyone. Our rates are very reasonable. The money you pay for therapy is an investment in you, in your children, in your relationship and in your family. That is worth taking the first step in healing your life. We offer a sliding scale and discounted rates for foster and adoptive parents, widows/widowers, and college/graduate students.

Our specialties include Mind-Body-Spirit integration, Attachment-Focused, Imagery, Trauma-Focused, Brief Strategic Family Therapy, Managing Adaptive Practices EBP, and lots of hope!

We want you to leave every session aware of what happened in therapy, so that at some point you will learn how to apply what you learned in the session outside of the therapy room. We consider our clients as the expert of them, and we are merely guides to help our clients discover new things, muster up the courage to explore painful things, and be accountable to change. We trust the process that we will take to get from where you begin…to where you need to end. We are in it to win it, but we will not work harder than you. Hey, we are trying to work ourselves out of a job by empowering you to do what you were created to do. And we are super excited about what you will achieve…Ready! 

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Akiah S

Akiah Selwa

Founder, Owner, Supervisor

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